EnviroGreen Energy- A complete waste to energy recovery system

Envirogreen Energy, Inc. is a British Columbia, Canadian company focused on solving landfill and waste management problems as well as providing energy production. EEI has the capability and experience necessary to develop and build turn-key, proven waste to energy technology and facilities that will provide efficient and economic solutions for waste management and energy production in the region.

EnviroGreen’s leading edge technology uses a low impact gasification phase in order to decompose unsorted carbon based components of municipal solid waste.

Our recovery plant will transform anything the community is currently sending to a landfill and fully utilize all materials at a lower cost than currently being paid to ‘waste’ your waste. Our process and technology ensure materials with a high “eco-footprint” are recovered: i.e., copper is recycled as copper, aluminium as aluminium, gold as gold, etc.

The inert materials remaining after gasification are free of toxic carbon and can then be used in concrete mix. The result is that no residual material disposal is needed after exposure to the Thermal Oxidation Process System (or TOPS); creating a virtually zero waste state!

The central technology TOPS converts municipal solid waste into continuous energy for an electrical generator. With this energy we can grow fish and produce in high yield aquaponic greenhouse subsystems. Additionally our system offers the ability to convert CO2 into bio-fuel, meaning if a nearby community pool needs heat we can use super-thermal conductors to supply it. If a hospital needs energy for laundry and air conditioning, the plant can supply that too. We can even produce potable water from the atmosphere with excess energy from the process.